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Dear Friends,

The Library of Alexandria was a gem of the ancient world. Scrolls lined its shelves and it was considered a hub of human knowledge—yet it was taken for granted. Strabo, a famous Greek geographer during the reign of Augustus, once spent a great deal of time describing the city of Alexandria and neglected to mention its famous library.

The oversight of the ancient Greeks raises an important questions for you and other Lynchburg residents. How do you feel about the Lynchburg Public Library—your library?

Your support for the Friends of the Lynchburg Public Library demonstrates that you understand and value the Library’s contribution to the community. The Friends were formed over 50 years ago to ensure that the Lynchburg Public Library received the funding and support it needed to fulfill its mission. Today, that mission includes building a secure and strong future for its residents by supporting Mayor Joan Foster’s Poverty to Progress initiative. In the past year, your Library has:

  • provided 964 free summer lunches to children in partnership with the Lynchburg City Schools;
  • enrolled more than 200 children in the “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten” program;
  • hosted 99 School Break programs, attended by 3,635 children during the 2016-2017 school year and summer to keep them learning and reading; and
  • partnered with Humankind and Region 2000 to provide workforce development.

The Library has become a dynamic, active, and committed partner of the City of Lynchburg and you to ensure that our community grows stronger. Pay the Library a visit, and you will find it buzzing with activity and a positive energy that will make you proud. “But what about the books and computers?” you might ask. In the past year, your Library has hosted 253,679 visitors, produced 510 programs attended by 15,207 people, checked out 310,137 items, and provided vital online access 70,000.

Libraries have come a long way in 2,200 years, and we hope that your Library and its advocacy for all Lynchburg residents is a point of pride for you. Please make your gift to the Friends of the Lynchburg Public Library today and be as generous as you can.

With thanks,

Mike Quinn
President, Friends of the Lynchburg Public Library


The Friends of the Lynchburg Public Library (FLPL) is a 501(c)(3) with a board of directors (Friends) who raise funds and advocate for the growth and sustainability of the library beyond what falls under the city’s purview–with your help. Everyone who supports the library through donations or by volunteering is a friend!


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